Guest Blog – CV Library: Six job interview questions you need to be aware of

Interviews can be extremely Guest Blog – CV Library: Six interview questions you need to be aware of nerve-wracking. After all, you have a short window in which to impress the employer, but are extremely aware that they’re judging every single word that comes out of your mouth.

Preparation is a key driver of success, especially when it comes to answering interview questions. So long as you’ve put the work in, you can rest-assured that you’ve done everything you can to get ready for the job interview and can now go on to make a great impression.

To help you out, we’ve pulled together six common interview questions you need to be aware of, giving practical advice on how to answer them.

Tell me about yourself?

Usually used at the beginning of an interview, an employer may pose this question to open up the conversation and get you talking. Therefore, knowing how to answer it is crucial.

Remember, they should be familiar with your CV and this isn’t the time to go into your life story. Instead, introduce yourself and cover off a few key areas, giving background on your experience so far.

For example, you may state that you’re a recent University graduate where you studied XYZ and your experience in a local company cemented the fact that you want to work in the travel industry. It might also be a good time to mention any key hobbies or interests – but make sure that you keep it relevant to the job.

Practise your pitch as much as you can, but try to keep your tone natural to show you’re at ease and are comfortable with talking about yourself.

What makes you interested in this role?

Hopefully, you should know what interests you about the role. Familiarise yourself with the travel job description before the interview and pick out a few key areas that are most appealing.

For example, it might be the opportunity to build on your existing skillset, or learn about a new industry altogether. Alternatively, it could be that you’ve followed their company for some time and could bring in new expertise which would benefit the business.

Whatever it may be, you need to show passion for the opportunity. If you’re able to talk enthusiastically about why you want to work there, the employer is far more likely to warm to you.

What do you know about our company?

In most cases, the interviewer should give a brief overview on what the company does. But, it’s important to note that they might fire this question at you before they start.

It’s extremely important to research the employer before you apply for this job in travel, let alone attend the interview. Make sure you understand what the organisation does, who its clients are and what your role would be.

Start with a quick browse on their company website, before checking out their profiles on social media. It’s always good to refer to something positive you’ve seen about their brand online or in the news, as this will show that you’ve done your research.

Why are you leaving your current travel job?

Interviewers tend to ask this question to find out what drives you in your career, while also discovering what type of employee you are.

While you’re never going to admit that you’re leaving a job because you hate your boss (and this isn’t a reason to give in an interview!), the employer will quickly get suspicious if you provide a flaky answer to this question.

Practise your response to this type of question and consider the key reasons why you applied for the job you’re interviewing for. It may be that there’s no room for development in your current role, that you want a change of scenery, or that you simply really want to work for this company.

How would your current boss describe you?

This is another great opportunity to shout about why you’d be a great fit for the job. Try to avoid clichéd answers such as ‘hard-working’, and being a ‘team-player’ – it’s likely a tonne of other candidates have given similar responses.

Instead, draw upon recent experience to provide factual evidence. For example, you could say something along the lines of “In my recent annual review my manager described me as someone who is never afraid to find a new solution to an ongoing problem.”

Why should we hire you?

This is usually your final opportunity to make a great impression. You need to show that you can do the work, deliver exceptional results and will be a great addition to the team.

What’s more, you need to demonstrate that you have the skills they require. Make sure you’re familiar with the key requirements of the role and show them why they should hire you.

Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, as this is what job opportunities are all about.

Ready to master these interview questions?

While going to an interview can seem like a daunting experience, it doesn’t need to be. So long as you spend time practising your responses to common interview questions, as well as preparing your ‘sales pitch’, you’ll stand a great chance of securing the job.


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