Why 2024 could be the year of the travel temp

Need cover for peak seasons or busy holiday periods? Want to try before you buy? Taking on temp employees could be your best decisions this year

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Predicting the future is a risky game – will travel be busier than ever or will economic and global worries slow everything down? I don't know. Frankly, no-one does.

In my 10 years recruiting for temps at C&M, I've seen a lot. So here's my tips on why temporary hires could prove to be an invaluable addition to your business during this uncertain year.

It's all about the flexibility

One of the key advantages of hiring temporary staff is, of course, the flexibility they offer. Whether it's to cover peak seasons, special events, staff shortages or simply the unforeseen, temp employees can be brought in as and when needed. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their workforce up or down based on demand, without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.

What's more, taking on temp staff can be a far quicker process than recruiting permanent employees. Temp recruitment agencies can provide a pool of pre-screened candidates who are ready to start work immediately – and allow companies to carry on doing what they're good at without any disruption.

Everyone's on holiday all at once

All companies do their best to manage the strains of annual leave, but there are always certain times of the year when many people are away on holiday - particularly around the summer and Easter months. Research suggests nearly half of all staff will be on annual leave at the same time over these periods – just imagine the impact that has on the remaining workers!

Aside from the office feeling empty, this can cause huge pressures on team members with increased workloads…and increased stress levels. Taking on a few temps during the busiest holiday periods is an easy way to keep permanent staff morale high while also keeping customers happy.

But it's not just about short-term cover

A big misconception is that 'temp' means a short-term placement lasting a few weeks, but we've placed many great candidates in temporary travel roles lasting multiple months – and sometimes years. They're a great option to cover employees on maternity leave, those on long-term sick or when you have an unexpected increase in business.

No recruitment budget? No problem

Many travel companies are looking to take on permanent staff at the moment.

But for those who have exhausted their recruitment budget (or simply don't have a budget at all), hiring temporary employees can be a cost-efficient and extremely effective way to fill any staffing gaps. Temps are typically experienced, well-trained and adept at jumping into a new role with minimal preparation, so this is a great way to cut down on costly onboarding processes.

Try before you buy

The other fantastic perk of taking on temp staff is that you can effectively use it as a trial period for both you and the employee. While they're helping you cover the workload, you can evaluate their performance and skills, and decide whether they're the right fit for your company – and many temporary roles end up going permanent for this very reason.

At C&M we recruit for all temp roles within the travel industry including travel consultants, finance, admin, BTCs, reception cover, operations, business development and marketing, so we're your one-stop recruitment shop!

We have access to many fantastic qualified and experienced candidates looking for short or long-term temporary travel positions, so if you need a few extra pairs of hands then we can help - just contact me at 020 7397 1278 / harri@candm.co.uk.

By Harri Goode, Senior Account Manager - Temps at C&M Travel Recruitment