Why you should ALWAYS include contact details on your CV

More and more candidates leave their address off their CV – here's why that's a dreadful idea!

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One of the most unexpected trends we've seen recently in travel recruitment is the increasing number of candidates who don't include any contact information on their CV. No address. No phone number. No email. Nothing! A great CV should of course showcase your skills, qualifications, and experience, but it's absolutely vital that you also include contact information.

We'd like to speak

First of all, if you don't include any contact details on your CV, how can recruiters get in touch with you about any great new jobs?! It may sound obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many candidates fail to do it. Why put all the effort in to making your CV as perfect and eye grabbing as possible…and then give the recruiter no way to contact you? 

Privacy / bias concerns

Well, a big reason may be to do with concerns regarding privacy or unconscious bias – and these worries are absolutely legitimate. In particular, more and more of us are now aware of unconscious bias - and this is why we always encourage candidates to not include a photo on their CV.

Similarly, there's no reason to include the dates of when you went to school - and if you've been in employment for a number of years, you may not want to include details of your education at all.

But contact details and your location? Both should be a fundamental part of everyone's CV.

Consider generic postcodes

If you don't want to include your exact postcode due to privacy concerns, that's absolutely fine. But many recruiters search for relevant candidates on job boards or on their own database using a postcode and radius, so if you don't want to be overlooked for new roles, it's a good idea to include a postcode on your CV – even if it's just the one for your nearest train station.

No address? No roles

Not including any address at all, means you're far less likely to be contacted about relevant jobs. You don't need to include your house number and street name, but if recruiters don't even know which town or city you live in, it becomes much more difficult to match you to appropriate roles.

While there are more fully-remote positions out there now than in the past, they still only make up around one in four of all available travel jobs. At the moment, around 45% of all job vacancies in the travel industry are hybrid positions, with a further 30% being fully office-based.

If you don't include any location details on your CV, then you simply won't appear in any search of candidates for either hybrid or office-based roles. You're essentially ruling yourself out of three quarters of all available jobs

Ultimately, leaving your address off your CV is likely to considerably hinder your chances of being contacted about relevant jobs. And if you don't include an email address or phone number? Forget it - your chances of finding a new role are practically zero.