C&M Talent Solutions - Creating

Your situation

You are looking to open a new office, increase your headcount, venture into a new market or launch a new product / system that requires extra resources.

What we can offer

  • Our expert team has a combined 350 years of travel experience and 200 years of recruitment experience to guide you through the recruitment process
  • A dedicated Consultant will be assigned to understand your requirements and fit
  • With around 100,000 candidates on our database, we source and speak to many talented professionals every day to ensure that only the most relevant are sent to your company
  • We can arrange and carry out assessment days to test the best talent and help identify which are perfect for your role and team
  • We provide you with a range of recruitment guidance, such as the best ways to read a candidate's CV, how to get the most from an interview and what to look for in a candidate
  • We create monthly salary surveys and undertake salary benchmarking to let you know how you compare to your competitors

Our recruitment process

  • As soon as we're notified about a vacancy, we will call you to discuss your requirements
  • Your C&M Account Manager will then search our database of candidates
  • We will search the LinkedIn database through our LinkedIn Recruiter licenses
  • We will write a job advert and advertise the vacancy on our own site and social media, as well as national sites (if deemed appropriate)
  • We aim to have a shortlist of 3 relevant candidates within 48 hours of each role being advertised
  • Once relevant candidates are identified, we speak to each one for 30-60 minutes to ensure they are qualified and eligible, and interested in your company and role
  • We always gain a candidate's permission before sending their details to a prospective employer
  • A thorough CV commentary and overview of each candidate will be sent to the client, including salary expectations, their notice period, reasons for leaving their last job and interview availability
  • If selected for interview, we will speak to each candidate on the day before their interview to confirm their attendance and guide them through the process
  • Successful candidates will be called on the Friday before their start date to confirm that everything is in place
  • Candidates will also be called two weeks after their start date to ensure they are happy with their new job and have no further questions

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