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C&M's Travel Salary Index
Are you earning the average wage? Find out here with our Travel Salary Index.

C&M's Definitive Guide To The Perfect CV
C&M Travel Recruitment’s Barbara Kolosinska shares her ultimate guide to creating the perfect CV. 

Easy Ways To Improve Your CV - Part 1
Maybe you're fresh out of university and your struggling to get your first job, or maybe you just need a change, but haven't updated your CV in a while. Well then this is for you.

Easy Ways To Improve Your CV - Part 2
Even more tips to help you create the perfect CV and land a new job.

C&M's CV Template
Should you list your education before or after your work experience? Where does your address go? Download C&M’s CV template and worry no longer!

Five Signs You Need To Find A New Job
Do you really hate your job, or do you just hate it today? Sometimes it can be hard to tell. But if the bad days are outnumbering the good, and you find yourself nodding along to several of the following points, then it may be time to begin your next job hunt.

Five Keys To A Great Video Job Interview
How do video job interviews differ from face-to-face meetings? How can we make the most of them? What replaces the handshake? And, most importantly, do you need to wear trousers? Here's the answers.

How To Quickly Get A New Travel Job After Being Made Redundant
For many of us, being made redundant is our worst fear, but here’s how to go about finding a new travel job with very little notice.

Five Secrets To A Successful Telephone Job Interview
You’ve got a telephone interview! That means you can sit in your pants with a whisky, right? If your answer to that question was in any way ‘yes’, then you might want to pay attention to the following tips.

The Five Questions Everyone Asks About Getting A New Travel Job
Here's the answers to the questions everyone asks about finding a new job in travel – such as what works on a CV and what doesn’t, how competitive the market is, and what exactly it is that a recruiter does!

What To Wear To A Travel Job Interview
“First impressions count”. We’ve all heard it many times and it’s entirely true, so leave your trackie bottoms at home, clean your teeth and give yourself a far better chance of landing that travel job by following a few simple rules.

How To Build Up Your CV
As most people who've searched for a new job in recent years will know, the increased competition means that it's becoming harder to stand out and, frequently, it's the smaller things that make the difference. While you may not be able to add a new position to your CV, you can certainly boost your employability.

Job Tips: What to Leave Off Your CV
CVs need to grab the attention of employers immediately, so don't be fooled into thinking that you've got the time or space to detail non-important information. Your CV needs to be well-written and to the point - here's what to cut.

The Secrets Of Job Interview Research
So you've prepared for your job interview, but have you done your research? By reading up on the company, practicing your answers and preparing a few questions of your own, you can make yourself feel more comfortable and confident, and give yourself a far better chance of being a successful candidate.

How To Prepare For A Travel Job Interview
Job interviews can be incredibly stressful things, so it is important to take away at least some of the tension by making sure you're completely prepared. By planning certain things in advance, you'll be free to concentrate solely on your answers and, let's face it, that's what's going to secure you the job. 

Job Interviews: How To Make The Right Impression
Just a few minutes stand between you and your new job, so it's probably a good idea to try and make the right impression. It's easy (and natural) to get nervous at this point, but don't worry; you've done your interview research, so all that's left is to concentrate on your demeanour and then everything else should fall into place.

How To Stay Calm During A Job Interview 
While nerves are a great indication that you actually want the job, it's best to keep them in check during your job interview and, fortunately, there are a few ways to do just that.

Job Tips: Four Ways To Improve Your Cover Letter
Recruiters read hundreds, if not thousands, of CVs and applications during their days, so why not do them a favour and send them a concise, original and well-written cover letter? And the best bit is it's really not hard to do. Here's how.

Five Ways To Re-Enter The Jobs Market
Whether you've had time away from work to look after children, been ill or just stayed at the same company for years and years, there comes a time when most people will need to jump back into the job market.

How To Boost Your Job Chances
So how can you boost your chances of securing that job? Maybe try networking? Volunteering? Improving your social media profiles? Adding new skills to your CV?

Job Tips: Five Simple Ways To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile
Whether you like it or not, LinkedIn is now firmly established as a massive part of the recruitment process. Most employers check applicants' profiles and many people secure jobs simply through their connections on the site. But whether you've already got an account or not, there's a few simple ways to make your profile stand out.

Job Tips: What To Leave Off Your LinkedIn Profile
We all know that regularly updating your LinkedIn profile is a massively important part of your job hunt, but that doesn't mean that you need to detail every aspect of your career. Not sure what to leave off your page? Read on...

Five Questions To Answer Before Accepting A Job
You've been offered a new job! Fantastic news - you should accept immediately, right? Well, probably, yes, but it's worth taking a couple of minutes to ask yourself some questions before you do. After all, you could be spending the next few years of your life in this role, so there's no point rushing in.

Job Tips: How To Get A Pay Rise
The economy is improving, more travel jobs are available and lots of companies are increasing their salaries, so now’s the perfect time to ask for a pay rise, right? Possibly. 

Five Ways To Keep Your Job Search Secret
Everyone loves gossip, but some things are best kept secret - such as when you're searching for a new job. You don't want your hunt to jeopardise your current role, so here's how to keep it quiet. 

20 Years At C&M: How One Risk Changed Our Director’s Life
C&M’s Basia Kolosinska looks back on her 20 years at C&M and shares her top tips