Galileo Comprehensive Course

Galileo Automated Fares Course from C&M Travel RecruitmentComprehensive Galileo
Duration: 120 hours
Location: Online
Cost: £349
Payment Options: Cheque or PayPal

Subjects covered:

ARNK segments, basic and advanced BF fields, basic and advanced BF retrieval entries, basic and advanced flight availability, basic and advanced timetables, book/cancel/rebook/insert segments, calculator functions, calendar functions, change segment status, change/cancel/reboot seat assignments, change/delete/insert BF fields, currency conversion, divide a party, encode/decode aircraft equipment, encode/decode airline names, encode/decode cities and airports, encode/decode countries, encode/decode states and provinces, flight details displays, open segments, passive segments, queues, seat availability maps and assignments, seat configuration maps, schedule changes, sign on and sign off, waitlist segments.

Basic fare quote, "Best Buy" fare quote, fare displays, fare notes, fare quote using connection modifier, fare quote using country modifier, fare quote using form-of-payment modifier, fare quote with passenger selection modifier, fare quote with sale date, fare quote with segment selection modifier, fare quote using stopover modifier, filed fares, North American fare displays, print tickets, print tickets from queue, ticketing modifiers.

Availability, availability from a segment, availability from an index, availability with modifiers, book directly, book from availability or quote, book with flight segment reference, book with optional modifiers, car quotes, car quotes from a car index, car quotes from a flight segment, car quotes with modifiers, car rules, car segment modification, car update entries, corporate policy description display, index displays, location policy description display, low-to-high car quote, reference points, vehicle-type codes.

Availability based on a reference point, availability from a flight segment, availability from a reference point list, availability from an index, availability from index without flight, availability with search qualifiers, availability without a flight segment, book from availability, book with optional fields, complete availability, hotel descriptions, hotel update, hotel segment modification, index based on a reference point, index from flight segment, index from reference point list, index with search qualifiers, index without a flight segment, optional booking fields, rate rules from complete availability, reference points, search qualifiers.

Search for a LeisureShopper tour package, Check package availability, Select package components, Price a LeisureShopper tour, Complete a LeisureShopper booking, Apply payment to a LeisureShopper booking, Cancel a LeisureShopper booking, Check LeisureShopper cruise availability and select a sailing, Select a rate code, Select a price category and a cabin number, Enter passenger information and preferences, Price a LeisureShopper cruise, Complete a LeisureShopper cruise booking, Cancel a LeisureShopper cruise booking.

Using the TIMATIC full-text database, Visa and health information by itinerary segment, City and country code tables, Group lists, Rules and news, TIMATIC Help, Other TIMATIC information referencing a BF.

Structure: 65 lessons, 20 exercises, 24 quizzes, 6 exams, comprising 6 courses.

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