How To Reject Job Candidates

For most job interviews, candidates will How To Reject Job Candidates - C&Mspend hours preparing and researching the role and could even take a day off work, so if it turns out they've not been successful then inevitably there's going to be a sense of disappointment. This is where it becomes important for companies to sensitively let the candidate down and not risk leaving them with a bad impression of the business.

Companies that get this wrong - through being too brief or by taking the wrong tone - can potentially see negative word of mouth spread quickly from applicants to their friends and family, so employers should have a strategy in place concerning how to inform rejected candidates. Remember, the people that you turn down could potentially be your future customers, so don't risk losing them.

Tell Them ASAP

No-one likes to be strung along without information for days or weeks - especially when it comes to something as important as a new job. So be sure to inform any interviewed candidates of your decision as soon as possible. Not only will this give you the best chance of ensuring that they retain a positive impression of your company, but it will also save you having to answer their emails and phone calls about whether a decision has been reached.

If you know during the interview itself that the candidate isn't right for the role, then let them know straight away. Most people can tell if their interview's going badly and will appreciate your honesty.

Be Constructive

If we have to hear bad news, then we at least like it to be sweetened with something constructive, so make sure to let people know about the positive aspects of their job interview as well as where they went wrong. Receiving an email that simply states, "Unfortunately on this occasion..." is likely to cause annoyance, so try to give feedback that candidates can use and build on in future. While this takes slightly more effort, it also gives the impression that your company is willing to do more than just the bare minimum - which has to be a good thing.

Be as specific as possible and tell them which areas of the interview they struggled in, but don't be too blunt. Try to leave the applicant with a positive impression of both the company and their future employment prospects. If a candidate goes to a job interview and gets turned down, then they will at least want to think they've learnt something that could help their chances in the future.

If Possible, Call

The personal touch is always the best, and it's definitely true when it comes to job interviews. It may be awkward to call people up and give them bad news, but (just as above) this will show that your company hasn't taken the easy route and is willing to make an effort.

Sign Off Positively

Once most of the hard work's been done, make sure you leave everything on a positive note and give them details about how to contact you directly (not just a generic company number) in future.

If there's any possibility that they may be considered for other roles, then let them know that their records will be kept on file.

Finally, a good way to make the conversation feel a bit more personal is to ask the candidate to offer their own thoughts on how the interview went. Not only will this potentially help to boost your relationship with the applicant, but it can also provide you with a few tips and hints about how your recruitment process could be improved.


All of this takes time and effort of course, so you could choose to let an experienced recruitment consultancy such as C&M do the hard work for you. From finding candidates to conducting initial interviews and keeping in contact with applicants, a good recruitment consultancy will take care of most of the admin so that you have time to concentrate on your job.Owen Mckeon - C&M Travel Recruitment

Also, using the services of a third party means that companies will often get more honest feedback about their interview process and how candidates view the business, meaning that employers can benefit in the future.

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