How To Boost Your Job Chances

So how can you boost your chances of How To Boost Your Job Chances - C&Msecuring that job?

Maybe try networking? Volunteering? Improving your social media profiles? Adding new skills to your CV? Yep, that'll do it.

If you've been searching for a new job for quite a while then it's even more important to make sure that you're constantly boosting your employment chances and making it harder and harder for companies to choose someone else.

Add New Skills

The most reliable way to make yourself more employable is surely to improve your CV by adding some new skills. Think back to the jobs that you've applied for in the past few months - which skills did the job spec detail that you didn't have? If you got to the interview stage and received feedback, what did the company say that you were lacking? If it was experience, then that's obviously harder to get, but if it was purely due to skills and knowledge, then there are various ways to combat this.

Evening courses seem to be offered in pretty much every subject these days, so take a look at the options at your local college or provider. Alternatively, if you're after a cheaper option, then explore the choices available online - free tutorials, guides and videos can give you a great understanding of a new technique, and while you may not be able to list a qualification on your CV, you can certainly claim to have learnt a new skill.

If it's experience that you need, then do you're best to put the hours and keep practicing until you feel comfortable with the new tasks.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile And CV

Not only will new skills make you more employable, but they'll also give you a great excuse to update your CV and LinkedIn profile - which is vital. The best way to keep yourself on people's radar is to update your profile and CV as often as possible (preferably, daily). This will ensure that your details are always near the top of the pile for recruiters, but you really don't have to compose a new CV every day - just changing a couple of words and clicking ‘save' will do the trick.

And if you're still unsure about the benefits of LinkedIn, then take a look here.

Make Contacts And Use Them

When searching for a job it's always been an advantage to know the right people, but it's now becoming more and more important. And the great thing is, it's easier than ever to meet new contacts.

As mentioned previously, avenues like LinkedIn have made it possible for anyone to get in contact with the heads of their industry or make great connections with the appropriate recruiters.

Obviously don't pester people (try to think about what messages you would respond to if you were in their position), but try exploring the networking opportunities that are now available to job seekers. See what you have in common with them - the little things can end up making the difference.

The other option is the more traditional networking event. Job fairs and the like are great ways for people to make real face-to-face connections with potential employers, so dress up smart and start chatting.

Get Volunteering

It may not seem all that appealing, but if you can't find a paid job then your next best option is to work for free. The idea that it's easier to find a job when you already have one really is true, so take any opportunity that will allow you to practice your skills and add something new to your CV. Having a big gap on your resume never looks good and, by volunteering, it demonstrates that you're willing to put in the effort and are likely to be dedicated should a fully paying role become available.

Ideally you'll be able to find a volunteer role related to your profession, but it can still be worth taking an unrelated unpaid job. A new skill is a new skill, so think carefully before turning down any opportunity that could potentially make you more employable.

Plan Your Days

You may be without a job, but it's still sensible to keep some kind of order and schedule for your time. Perhaps check all of the job boards each morning, then call some recruiters, update your CV, spend some time on LinkedIn and get in contact with employers.Owen Mckeon - C&M Travel Recruitment

Your routine may need to change occasionally for various reasons, but try not to slack off, as this will only make your job search even harder.

It's a tough situation, but by working hard, keeping a positive attitude and improving your CV, you can give your employment prospects a real boost.



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