Tomorrow's Travel Leaders: 30 Under 30: Rohan Mark Jayawardene

30 Under 30: Rohan Mark JayawardeneIn collaboration with TTG Digital, the ITT and Guoman Hotels, C&M Travel Recruitment set out to discover the 30 most inspiring and dynamic people in the travel industry aged 30 years and younger - the 30 Under 30.

Here we profile Rohan Mark Jayawardene, founder of Diamonte Travel.

Q: Why did you want to get involved in the travel industry?

A: "I've always had a passion for the industry and grown up very travel orientated. My mother was a travel writer and my father runs a travel photo agency, so I was actually globetrotting from a very young age!"

Q: Why did you choose to set up Diamonte Travel?

A: "I had huge passions for fashion, design and business and figured Diamonte would be an interesting way to blend all four. After an action-packed trip I created myself to Monte Carlo with my partner, I had a new fascination with the beauty, lifestyle and luxury that the city exuded, as well as the fun of creating such jet set packages.

"I wanted to initially create a service where by people can travel to a place and not have to go back home thinking, 'next time we'll stay there', or, 'we'll have to visit that place'. Insteadm you have a consultant informing you of the best resort or room in the city, or all the things you'll like, so the first time you check out Tuscany for example, you have the best time possible and do everything there is to do.

"I also wanted to comprise an enthralling travel club where by our members can take part in really extravagant and exhilarating packages from F1 fighter jets in Miami to whale watching in the Arctic."

Q: What makes your company stand out from other competitors?

A: "We don't go in search for the finer things in life; we scour solely for the finest.

"The quality of our products and unparalleled levels of service are really what make us stand out. All our members have their own dedicated travel team; made up of a manager, travel tailors and consultants, a jet and yacht professional and a security consultant."

Q: Where do you hope to take the company?

A: "We want to define a new classification almost for the elite traveller. If you want your Boeing Business Jet to look like its been dipped in chrome or coated in gold - we're the people to call.

"We already have on our fleet some amazing properties, vessels and islands along with access to over 7,000 private aircraft, so we want to continue in adding to that, as well as continuing to look after and wowing our clients and offering them an unrivalled service - something which is most important to us."

Q: How does it feel to be in the final 30 of Tomorrow's Travel Leaders?

A: "It feels very rewarding and fantastic to know that the hard work has been noticed and praised. It's also special to be part of the group as a whole and have the support of TTG and ITT."

Q: Has the recognition had any impact on your business or career?

A: "It's certainly given me a boost in confidence and reassurance in what I'm doing and what I've been working towards. It's been an absolutely brilliant initiative by TTG, ITT and C&M to actually highlight the young people working hard, coming up and trying to make it in the travel industry.

"The support of the people involved has been fantastic and events such as the last meet at the Royal Horseguards Hotel where Hugh Morgan of the Monarch group spoke were really inspiring and invigorating. I'm very happy to be part of this great initiative and definitely proud to be amongst the first group of TTG's travel leaders under 30."

Q: What advice do you have for other young people looking to make their mark in the travel industry?

A: "If you love travel or a certain area in travel, pursue doing what you love. Like anything, work hard towards attaining your goals and never give up!"


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